• Does AMT Care repair all electronic items?
    At AMT Care, we have an extensive repair range for devices such as: Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops.
  • Do you repair all brands of phones?
    Yes, we service all brands of phones.
  • Do you provide any extra benefits when you fix my device?
    Glad you asked, we do provide 2 years warranty on all our spare parts that we use to fix your device(s). We also offer free pickup/delivery when you choose to repair your device(s) with us.
  • Do you use original parts to fix the device?
    At AMT Care, we take pride in offering our customers Original and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts only.
  • How do I get a quick quote and set an appointment?
    Chat with us on our website / social media pages (@amtcare for fb & Instagram) or give us a call on our Whats app number.
  • How long does it take on average to fix my phone?
    On average, it takes about 8-48 Hours to fix a phone.
  • How long does it take to average to fix my tablet/laptop?
    On average, we are able to return the device after repair within 48 hours.
  • Why do Samsung LCD replacement cost so much?
    The recent models of Samsung come with a 4 component assembly. When changing your LCD you not only change the screen but also the digitizer, microphone and the ringer. Hence making the device part much more expensive.
  • Can I just change the top screen of my device without changing the whole LCD?
    When it comes to original/ OEM parts, that option is not available as manufacturers don’t create such a part. However, non-genuine parts and seller do provide such an option, so be careful of the repair service that you do on your device.